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With Instagram being one of the biggest social media platforms, image is everything! No one wants to be seen in the same outfit twice, so imagine if you could turn your purchased bikinis into many different ones, with completely different looks and feels.

Double is a new, self-customizable, swimwear range which caters for different body types. We look to empower all women by gifting them with the latest fashion trends, enhancing what they have, and giving them the confidence they deserve.

We don’t use sizes, as a clothing label should never label you. We use fruit names instead, to avoid size anxiety.

Each piece is fully adjustable, created with women in mind. You can adjust the size of your bottoms up to one whole size, and clip-in your desired back measurement, choosing from the range of a 30 to a 36 inch back.

You can choose from a range of attachable pieces to transform your swimwear in seconds. Let your creativity run wild, you might choose the buckles or you might choose the bling, but whatever you are feeling we have you covered!

Want a one-piece? No problem. You can even create a one-piece look with our attachable pieces. This means you are now able to buy a different sized top to your bottoms! Swimsuits where one half fits better than the other, is now a thing of the past.

Jazz it up or tone it down; make it yours.

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